Frances Valerie Louie Award 2016

Frances Valerie Louie Award 2016

Frances Valerie Louie Award 2016

Frances Valerie Louie Award 2016

Frances “Val” Louie received her Pharm.D, from UCSF School of Pharmacy in May, 1972. Val became a licensed pharmacist in July, 1972 and was immediately hired as a Staff Pharmacist in the Inpatient Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Services. From day one, Val demonstrated her innovation and creativity by her outstanding work performance. She displayed her ability to solve complex issues, to get difficult jobs done and to assume new responsibilities.

In September, 1972, Val was appointed, without salary, a Clinical Instructor in the School of Pharmacy at UCSF. As a Clinical Instructor, Val contributed many hours to the pharmacy teaching program while assigned to the clinical conferences associated with the required clinical courses for the pharmacy students. While working as a Staff Pharmacist, she was one of the pharmacists selected to the Unit-Dose Expansion Program in 1973 which was probably the first installment of a Pharmacy Satellite. In October 1974, Val was reclassified to Senior Pharmacist. During this time, she contributed significantly to the department and shared in the development of many of its contemporary services.

In December, 1977, she was promoted to Assistant Chief Pharmacist, working title: Supervisor of Inpatient Pharmacy or as it was called “Central Unit Dose Pharmacy”. She quickly identified problems in the existing service and developed and implemented a number of improvements to bring the inpatient Pharmacy to compliance with existing regulations and standards. Val further developed guidelines for each area of the inpatient pharmacy to not only improve the accuracy of the numerous required records by each, but also to increase the efficiency of the overall record keeping and dispensing processes.

In December, 1979, Val requested to step down and took a voluntary demotion to Senior Pharmacist so that she could devote more time to her family and to allow more support towards her children’s education. Even after reducing her working time to 50%, Val managed to continue formulating and recommending new programs to improve services, promoting staff development, and coordinating in- service education and training programs.

Over the next few years, Val continued to demonstrate outstanding professional competency and excellent leadership skills in her routine and special assignments. By September, 1985, she was designated as the Pharmacist-In-Charge on Weekends and served as Acting Supervisor when the Supervisor either took vacation leave or while attending professional meetings. Additionally, Val served as the back- up pharmacist for the investigational drug service.

By January, 1993, Val returned to her 100% time appointment. In January, 1994, she accepted and transferred to the School of Pharmacy to become Supervisor of the Drug Products Service Laboratory (DPSL) and the Intravenous Additive Service (IVAS). During this period, the majority of the Intravenous Additive Services were transferred from the Department to Pharmaceutical Services, Parnassus Heights to the School of Pharmacy at Laurel Heights. This was a tremendous responsibility of reorganizing and helping to combine two divisional units into one. Again with Val’s extraordinary skills in leadership, she was able to develop a greater level of departmental effectiveness.

Val’s excellent organizational abilities and her successful leadership in implementing changes as well as her efforts in ensuring that the staff were aware of and well-informed proved to be very beneficial. Val was a self-starter who analyzed situations quickly and exercised good judgment in resolving them. Her dedication to the Department, the Medical Center, the School of Pharmacy, and the patient population is reflected by the fact that she often went above and beyond her responsibilities.

In her memory, the annual Frances Valerie Louie Award is provided to outstanding Department of Pharmaceutical Services Staff. Two awardees are selected, one from each of the following employee categories: Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician/Supportive Staff.

Selection Criteria:

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Organizational Abilities

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician/Supportive Staff Winners:

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1998 Scott Fields, George Tse, Maurann Schultz

1999 Jim Nehira, Jose Rodriguez, Lucy Gondai

2000 Lisa Fields, Stephen Hom, Claire Lee

2001 Teresa Kennedy, Deborah Bates, Benjamin Dabi

2002 Jennifer Adeli-Nadjafi, Christopher Quan, Lita San Juan

2003 Jocelyn Tom, James Burton, Steven Batiloro

2004 Betsy Althaus, Alice Ford, Tony Louie

2005 Joyce Wong, Linda Lopez, Randy Luong

2006 Mellicent Yuen, Remiga Chua, Juliia Bowden

2007 Patsy Kong, Jennifer Chow, Vicky Pung

2008 Lisa Chamberlain, Christopher Quan, Juliia Bowden

2009 Monica Lee, Kim Miravalles, James Coley

2010 Courtney Yuen, Janice Figuracion, Voltaire Tadeo

2011 Elham Amiri, Mike Becker, Mirna Benavides, Necosha Meitzenheimer

2012 Mimi Lo, Tyler Blackman, Refah Karaja

2013 Minh Phan, Patricia Cruz

2015 Theirno Guiro, Wilson Lau